Vision, Mission and Philosophy


The FCCPSA supports the creation, growth, and diversity of high quality Christian educational K-12 institutions, specifically in the areas of Christian Commitment, Family Community, and Quality Education and Child Care Facilities with a Religious component.


The FCCPSA’s mission is to support administrators, schools and child care facilities by:
1. Providing accreditation services for K-12 Christian private schools and Religious Exemption and Gold Seal accreditation for child care facilities in Florida as a viable means of establishing a witness of excellence based on established best practices utilizing a peer review system.
2. Establishing and publishing standards of certification and accreditation for its member institutions and to ensure the maintenance of those standards through the ongoing evaluation process including but not limited to Self-Study, Site Visits and Re-evaluation.
3. Providing on-going education and professional development for member administrators and staff utilizing a wide range of methods including, but not limited to, administrative manuals, web sites, newsletters and workshops.
4. Representing and updating member schools with regards to governmental regulation and legislation for the protection of students, families, and educational institutions through the general improvement of educational standards in Florida.
5. Developing cooperative relationships among members and other educational institutions.
6. To engage in all lawful activities and efforts that may be reasonably intended or expected to promote and advance the mission of the FCCPSA.


Christian Commitment

The FCCPSA was founded and continues to be led by men and women who are devoted to Biblical truth and committed to the propagation of Christian values. All people have been created in God’s image, and, therefore, the FCCPSA actively supports organizations that seek to cultivate this understanding and to assist them in fulfilling their purpose in the context of the varied methodologies incorporated by the individual school.

Family Community

The FCCPSA recognizes that parents/guardians are responsible for the training of their children in all areas, including academics. The FCCPSA assists and holds accountable member institutions throughout the state of Florida who have chosen to partner with families in this high calling. The FCCPSA provides direction to K-12 Christian educational institutions on matters of academic and spiritual education, thereby developing a community that values truth, honor, and excellence.

Quality Education

The FCCPSA prepares member schools, child care facilities, administrators, and staff for excellence, and believes well-informed administrators will lead the way. When educational institutions apply the standards of excellence through the process of certification, accreditation, and professional development, communities enjoy the benefits of a safe and high quality education.

The FCCPSA proudly maintains an accreditation partnership agreement that provides AdvancED/SACS accreditation to FCCPSA schools. This partnership allows schools to obtain both FCCPSA and SACS accreditation through one seamless process.

In 1996, the Florida Legislature established the Gold Seal Quality Care program to acknowledge child care facilities and family day care homes that are accredited by nationally recognized agencies and whose standards reflect quality in the level of care and supervision provided to children.

The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) requires that all full member senior high schools be accredited by one of 16 approved accrediting agencies to play sports in the state league.