Master-In-Service Training (Teacher Certification)

Purpose of the Master Inservice Plan
In February 1994, the Florida Department of Education approved the Master Inservice Plan to make available inservice training to those professionals holding Florida Teaching Certificates. This inservice education program was expanded to include all staff members: teachers, administrators, teacher aides, day care workers, preschool workers, office staff, and maintenance personnel. This plan allows a dual recertification process where inservice training hours (inservice points) will apply to the recertification of Florida Teaching Certificates. According to the Florida Department of Education standards, a teacher may recertify a professional certificate by completing 120 inservice points. An inservice point equals one contact hour of inservice training.

Advantages of the Master-In-Service Program
Teachers and administrators holding Florida Teaching Certificates will be able to recertify using ACSI Continuing Education Unit inservice programs.
Teachers and administrators holding ACSI Professional Certificates will be able to recertify using Master Inservice Points, instead of C.E.U.s.
Teachers without teaching certificates will build an inservice education portfolio.
Day Care workers and Preschool workers may build an inservice education portfolio in order to receive a CDA certificate.
Office personnel, maintenance, and teacher aides will have a record of their professional training.
Annual reports from the District Inservice Office will certify the school’s inservice activities for the purpose of SACS/ACSI accreditation.
All staff members will have their inservice records maintained at the District Inservice Office.
All member schools are invited to join the MIP program. Teachers may then begin collecting inservice points.

The Master Inservice Program is available to FCCPSA Accredited schools for the academic year. Should you be planning to have inservice training for your staff, this would be an excellent time to implement the dual inservice points program (ACSI and Fla. Department of Education).
An Inservice Year starts July 1st and ends June 30th of the next year.

Professional Educator Competency Demonstration Program (PECD)
The State of Florida requires that new teachers, educators from out of state, and reinstated teachers must demonstrate their professional competencies in order to be eligible for a Florida Educators Teaching Certificate.

Advantages of the PECD Program
Sign-off on State documents when PECD is completed.
Technical assistance from ACSI personnel as the school administers the PECD packet.
The school receives the PECD packet that shows the standards and indicators for completion of the PECD by the new teacher.
ACSI serves as your liaison should you have questions concerning your application with the Department of Education.
ACSI personnel will assist the teacher concerning questions about state certification.
Regular updates on changes in teacher certification through the ACSI Administrators Meetings.

To download the Master-In-Service Application go the the Forms / Handouts page

The FCCPSA proudly maintains an accreditation partnership agreement that provides AdvancED/SACS accreditation to FCCPSA schools. This partnership allows schools to obtain both FCCPSA and SACS accreditation through one seamless process.

In 1996, the Florida Legislature established the Gold Seal Quality Care program to acknowledge child care facilities and family day care homes that are accredited by nationally recognized agencies and whose standards reflect quality in the level of care and supervision provided to children.

The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) requires that all full member senior high schools be accredited by one of 16 approved accrediting agencies to play sports in the state league.