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Classroom Management Workshop January 18th . . . Click for Details and Video

One of the most critical skills that teachers must master is Classroom Management. Tara Concelman will share some of the "keys" for successful classroom environment and training for tomorrow.

North West Florida Faith Based Child Care Facility Workshop February 1st. . . Click for Details

Join us for critical updates, training and fellowship.

Private School Administrator's Manual Update 5.0 Click for Details

The most complete and up to date resource for Private School Administrator is now available.


Dual Enrollment White Paper . . . Click for Details

A few of the Florida College System institutions have made changes to their articulation agreements with private schools. They are now requiring the payment of tuition! This is vital background information for all private school administrators and families.

The Stanford 10 Achievement Test . . . more



Contact Information for the FCCPSA Office
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The Florida Coalition of Christian Private School Accreditation, Inc. (FCCPSA) was founded and continues to be led by men and women who believe that parents are responsible to direct the education of their children in all areas of life, including academics. Our mission is to encourage and help in the development of the Christian Private Schools and Religious Exempt Child Care Facilities throughout the State of Florida, that partner with those parents on a daily basis.

The FCCPSA began with the development of a comprehensive Private School Administrator's Manual over twenty years ago. The Administrator's Manual is designed to guide organizations through the entire operation of a private school from the legal options when starting a school, through high school graduation. Workshops and on-site training for administrators of both private schools and Religious Exempt Child Care Facilities are conducted through out the state several times each year. For many member schools the ultimate goal is on going teacher training, teacher certification and full accreditation of the school or Child Care Facility.

Obtaining the status of being a fully Accredited School displays to the world that a school has demonstrated excellence in academics. The accreditation process is designed to improve the educational and spiritual quality in private schools regardless of size.

If your school sees the need for accreditation as an organizational witness of credibility, the FCCPSA is a great place to start.  Our organization offers accreditation based on the concept of voluntary peer recognition. In other words, institutions sharing common purposes and distinctions are better able to assist one another in achieving the standards for academic excellence and responsiveness to their respective hometowns, and the nation.

The state of Florida does not accredit private schools directly or endorse any private school accrediting associations. Each college or university institution is responable for maintaining their own list of qualified accreditating associations and or schools. Colleges are now required to determine the validity of high school diplomas due to changes in the U.S. Department of Education regulations under Title IV. To that end the FCCPSA has worked closely with the various Department of Education offices in Tallahassee and the registrars of the Florida College System instutions throughout the state which has lead to students from FCCPSA accredited schools being admitted to every state college and university in Florida.