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The FCCPSA proudly maintains an accreditation partnership agreement that provides AdvancED/SACS accreditation to FCCPSA schools. This partnership allows schools to obtain both FCCPSA and SACS accreditation through one seamless process utilizing AdvancED unique protocols and platforms.   

The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) requires that all full member senior high schools be accredited by one of 15 approved accrediting agencies.
In 1996, the Florida Legislature established the Gold Seal Quality Care program to acknowledge child care facilities and family day care homes that are accredited by nationally recognized agencies and whose standards reflect quality in the level of care and supervision provided to children. service-programs/child-care/goldseal

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Administrator Manuals

Private School Administrator Manual
Child Care Operations Manual
Administrator's Bright Futures Scholarship Resource Manual
Manual for Personnel Supervision of Children


Private School Administrator Manual

The Administrator Manuals developed by the FCCPSA have become an indispensable resource for our member schools. New schools or administrators will find the wealth of knowledge and resources invaluable. Experienced administrators depend on the updated manuals to keep them abreast of the ever-changes issues they face daily.

The FCCPSA’s Private School Administrator’s Manual is in its 5th revision. This revision took 18 months to compile and has become a central source of information to help administrators navigate through the obstacles of not only establishing a private school, but also maintaining excellence and integrity in continuing your vision of a private school.

    Defines your school’s identity
    Offers corporate and business solutions
    Provides tools for new administrators
    Imparts keys for the experienced leaders
    Affords valuable information in preparing for accreditation
    Presents elementary, middle and high school information
    Includes a CD to make available sample forms for record keeping
    Supplies website directories for current on-line resources
    And much more…

Every Christian Private School should have this “administrator’s bible” at their fingertips for an encyclopedic source of information.

Child Care Operations Manual

Joining the Private School Administrators Manual is the Child Care Operations Manual.

The manual includes:

Statements of Vision, Mission and Faith
Benefits of private, Christian child care
FCCPSA Accreditation
How to open a child care center
Federal, state and local requirements
Facility maintenance, sanitation and health
Child care daily operations
Links to Florida state child care statutes
Sample child care policies
Sample child care forms
Sample child care checklist


Administrator's Bright Futures Scholarship Resource Manual

The ever-changing Bright Futures Scholarship can be overwhelming for new administrators, or counsellors who have not been through the process before. The FCCPSA makes available an easy to use step-by-step guide as an aid for helping students through the qualification process, and it includes videos showing the on-line submission system in a step-by-step manner.

Section One: The who, what, when, where and how of the scholarship
Section Two: The on-line submission system
Section Three: Guidance Counsellor Resources
Section Four: Appendices and Resource DVD (Videos of actual scholarship submission)

Manual for Personnel Supervision of Children

This manual examines the staff's role in identifying various types of abuse and reporting obligations regarding child abuse and neglect. A must-have for all private schools and Child Care Facilities.